Chao Hom CMU 10-1 Rice


Chao Hom CMU 10-1 rice was obtained from the mutation induction of the Khao Dawk Mali 105 (KDML105) rice (the most eminent Thai rice, which also has a low crop yield) by using low-energy ion-beam biotechnology at Chiang Mai University. The rice mutant was bred to obtain high crop yield and aromatic 2AP content. The major characteristics of the fragrant rice are described below.

  1. Chao Hom CMU 10-1 rice is a photoperiod-sensitive-non-glutinous rice. It produces a crop yield of 1,056 kg/rai similar to Pathum Thani 1 rice, which produces a crop yield of 1,044 kg/rai. However, its harvesting period (120 days) is shorter than that of Pathum Thani 1 rice (134 days).
  2. The rice is moderately resistant to rice blast
  3. The rice grain shape is long and slender. Its amylose content is 16.60%. Its cooking and eating qualities are excellent and are accepted by consumers similar to that of KDML105 rice.
  4. It is a fragrant rice and possesses aromatic 2AP content of 8.44 mg/kg which is higher than that in KDML105 rice (6.51 mg/kg) RD6 rice (6.62 mg/kg).

Rice breeders : Dr.Boonrak Phanchaisri and Dr.Jiranat Techarang Chiang Mai University